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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Totally Spaced

Today has been a very weird day.. Have been to work, got home, eaten, washed and even got in front of the TV and got all my soaps watched. And I can’t remember doing any of it! I have no idea what I have done today or how I done any of it but it got done and now I’m here typing this out to you..
I’ve been not thinking about the one thing I don’t want to think about.. yet think that was why everything else was getting done and don’t remember doing any of it.. Cos I was thinking of it.
So…… Really do need to get something done about it but think that talking about it might help a bit. But who to talk to..? No-one knows about it really.. well not my friends or family.. only you lot on here know about it! So maybe here you can help me out with it.

I have no idea what to do or say or think really…. Mind just does not compute and it is giving me a headache.. I’m curious about what is going on.. and about her in particular but really do I fancy having a go with her being so far away from me..? I can’t even remember where she was from now it has been that long ago.. think I mentioned it here somewhere but will have to trawl through all my posts.. lol
I have been quite randy lately and it has been getting to the point that dreams have been the sort you wake from and really wished you hadn’t!! Yet finding that tingling feeling that won’t go without intervention… I won’t get into anything more really heehee!! And so since the message from Flower, I haven’t or remember what I dreamt of last night.. and so have been in a bit of a spaced out, weird place right now..
So…! What shall I do..??

Monday, 18 July 2011

Such A Great Weekend

Have really been relaxed and chilled this weekend and it has been sheer bliss! Do wonder why it happened but it did and soo glad it did really! But got into work this morning with the biggest smile on my face and a skip in my step that nothing could ruin my day… not even being lumbered with the naughty children or the day. they all behaved themselves and enjoyed their day with me! Was great!!!
Even the boss ( who is usually always grumpy!) was with a smile on her face.. after a nice chat with me of course! LOL Which was great for the others as they ended up enjoying today as well with everyone in a good mood it rubbed off on everyone!
Got home and ended up getting myself food from the chippy, sat in front of the laptop and found an email from Flower… which kind of wiped the smile off my face. The email was titled ‘Thinking of you…’ Which made my skin go all goosepimply and a shudder over my body. I really didn’t know what to do really.. I sat there in front of my laptop with my emails open and staring at the message flashing at me saying New Message!
Shall I open it?! Delete it and forget all about it and her..? But what has she said..? Why is she back after this long from leaving me a while ago..? Well there is only one way to sort this out..
“ Hello there my darling,
I have been sorting things out and finally have got things sorted out.. No more ex after me now, she has moved away and says she doesn’t want to hear from me again.. she was the one calling me! Sad smile But now she has gone I have finally stopped thinking about you.. Only because I am finally writing to you.
So how have you been doing? What has gone on? Things your end going well? Do hope that things between us haven’t died. I do enjoy your company.. Even if it has been over the internet.. Has been too quiet.
Well, I bet you are wondering.. Why I have got back in contact again. There is one easy answer really… I wish to be able to pick up from where we left it before. If that is how you feel also.. God i bet that your mind is wondering what to do right now.
I do hope that you will at least say hi to me.. if not and I don’t hear back from you then I totally accept it and will not get in contact again.. Do hope that you do though x

So……… What do I say!??

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Party Mood!!

So love having the house to myself… No Flatmates, No Family, No Friends over..just me! So got scrubbed n cleaned house up a bit.. Now on here with old skool tunes on Music channels! Soo want to get a drink n Get ready to go out! But, haven’t planned to go out tonight and don’t know if anyone is out..
checking another font out.. this one is called Lesser Concern which is really small on normal size 12 but I’ve got it up to 18 and it looks quite cool really! Think will stick to this one as it suits my blog don’t you think?!
So, back to going out.. Well thinking of going out even if no-one is out tonight as really getting in the mood with all these old skool tunage on TV. Insomnia u=is on right now and before that was classic Gold Dust DJ Fresh. such a best beat to get you going during the dull and wet day….
Do you think that 3.15pm is too early for a little tipple..?

Friday, 15 July 2011

Up Tonight/Today….

Well it is now Saturday and ended up staying up watching TV for a few hours and a Nice Cold One beside me. Stand up mainly.. Which is great for when you are being a boring Git and stopping in enjoying a quiet one.
So here I am thinking about what I want to write on here.. lol Got fiddling with fonts this evening and found quite a few I liked. Thought I’d have a lookie at what they were like on a blog.. Do hope it looks ok. If you can’t read it let me know will try a different one!! is where I got some of the fonts from.. really cool stuff there really. And free! lol Always the best..

I wonder what I will do when I wake later on..? Hmm.. Tidy house? enjoy weather if we have any nice weather to enjoy!? Dunno….

Weekend Fast Approaches!

The weekend has been taking too long to get here and now today will drag soo much for me! Had my day off today. Which wasn’t planned but with many of the kids in my room having the day off with family, I get to go home and enjoy it also! Which is great!! I love my kids very much so but do love the parents more.. They do enjoy their children so have them more than we do which is how it should be!
Well I have been getting back into my chatting again since it has all changed.

It works like this..
  • Buy Percentage Points and these equal cash at the end of the month.. 1 point = 1 credit/$1
  • 500 lines = 1 credit/$1
  • Payment is via AlertPay at the end of each month
  • Beginning of every month you must be active each day for 10 days to become Eligible for payment.
  • When you click on Detailed Statistics at the top of the World Room chat room, click the adverts on there and click back to return to the stats page again and click another advert… do this a few times a day everyday to help everyone raise the earnings for us to be able to do less lines to earn more.
I have been put off quite a bit but do hope that it works out now that it has been nearly 2 months now. They want to promote it as your ‘Online Job’ which for me, doesn’t really work out too well. The currency being weaker than ££ it means that $1 = £0.60p and that can get me a can of pop!
But I do hope that I can be able to post here to all that they do pay again, it can be a great investment and we can all enjoy chatting together and hopefully be able to earn quite a bit from being online for a few hours a day.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Slipped Up After It Going SOO Well!

What can I say…? I’ve found something to be doing and forgot all about updating you guys!! Sad smile But now I am back for however long to let you all know the in’s and out’s of my week so far..
Weekend was fun. Had a get together with my buds n few stragglers for a movie, munch n downer… Don’t worry I don’t mean we were together to get depressed! Nope.. We can do that on our own… Get together to try and have some fun! Someone brought a pirate version of Bridesmaids over to watch.. That is awesome!! It feels and looks like a chick flick but really it can appeal to all to be fair. I’m not one for flicky kinda movies but i was in tears watching this! Even if the quality wasn’t as great as would have liked. Pirate! heehee
Monday – Have been at work as usual and wished I had stayed in bed..! Felt like it was going on FOREVER!! I mean, honestly how long can an 8 hour shift take really!? 8 hours..? NAH!! More like 24!!! It really felt like Monday was THE lonnnngest day of my life…… So as soon as I got home it felt like I hadn’t been home for a few weeks! My bed was sooo calling me.. Got in n vegged out in front of the TV. That was great but before I knew it, it was nearly midnight! So turned off n dosed of.. Eventually!
Tuesday – Well another average day to be fair. Which I was glad about really I was. got home from work, chatted quite a bit with few people online and got some bits done as well. Oh, have been reading up on something my friend has been updating on Saucy Undies Fan Page that there is new items on offer now.. and if you add the most friends to the Group by the end of today then you could win a yummy prize!!! Something I believe I may want myself!!! LOL
Today – Well eventually got on here!! LOL Got half day today so no work this morning but this afternoon will be in 1 – 6pm unless there are some parents whoa re running late… always the case! some are more prone to stopping than others.. Habit more than anything else. I do not understand why parents bring their children in from 7.30am and leave them in till way after 6pm knowing the times of the nursery being open.. We have to get overtime for them being late and it being on  purpose.
Well do think it is time to get on with a few things now.. chat soon

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Dull n Rainy Day..

Hey… 3 Days in a row… God I REALLY am feeling poorly!

Today is my day off from work.. and loving the fact that i am! Cos it is horrid outside with stormy weather after the lovely heat and humidity last week or so. Well that just means that the air is electric and will have lovely Lightening tonight.. Do love a great storm in the evening! And to clear the sticky air too.. love it!

Well, today i have been getting a few things done around the house.. Clothes washed and dried and put away, tidy up few things and even got few bits done online too! Emails mainly to reply to and messages on some of my profiles.. Well a woman has to get things done while she is in the mood.. as once the mood changes, that is it! Nothing will get done..


Ugh…. now my mood has suddenly changed for the worse… poxy horrid rain in the day spoils anything really! But do prefer it in the evening so can soothe me in the evenings and the show is always epic!!

Well, think I had best get something to eat now… hhmm healthy..? or Unhealthy…?!? Decisions.. lmao!!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Second Day In A Row!

OMG!!! Must be feeling ill or something.. I’m back here again second night in a row! heehee!!

So tonight I have had my Bestie Kat and she is having a few problems with her other half.. Men!! I do hate seeing her so low about anything.. and with how things have been going, doesn’t give me much hope for the outlook being bright.

But we have been chatting and I have been trying to reassure her that things could still be ok.. Really tried to sound more convincing than I might do on here… Although, yeah you guessed it. Not really holding my breath.. She has been through this 2wice before and it happened to be something HIS end! Typical really.. Why is it men happen to be taking on the Woman’s role and becomes more and more emotional and mind screwy!?? Really not on!!

Really have been a bit down tonight now have had that chat with Kat. Do hope that she eventually sees sense ad leave him for good and stop putting up with the shit she gets from him!

Right.. Really want to write more but mind is a blanc right now.. So off to sort few bits out and bed… eventually! Night..

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sorry To Say…

I have found something to be occupying my time recently and really have slacked on here..

Life eh..? Sucks to be fair!!

Well how to go about it now then… Shall we start from the top?

Well right now I am working still at nursery.. Don’t think could ever give that up really as I love children but not ready to have my own. So looking after someone else’s and giving them back at the end is great! Open-mouthed smile 

Flower.. Distant memory to be fair… she was sorting herself out but never got back to me about us… if there ever could have been anything there anyway! So just haven’t bothered her about it really.. and not a peeps out of her!

Lovely Lady from Amsterdam well there is something fun there..! We chat on a PM app on mobile and can use internet access to chat to each other. We have been having quite a bit of fun recently and she has been getting more and more adventurous with her camera..!

Winking smile have been eagerly enjoying my phone going off really.. And knowing it has been getting very hot literally melts my phone in my hand at times!! OOH yes it has been very hot indeed!!

And with her being in a different country I feel comfy to experiment more and she enjoys the eager flirt or more lol!!

I’ve bee helping my friend with her site… now has 2! lol

TopGadge Womans Top Front n Back

So here is something I’ve been helping with.. I’m quite fancying buying it myself!! heehee!! Looks good to be fair. Click the pic to check out other things that are sold on the new site.. Smellies and toys for the Ultimate Big Kid!


Well, will try and not leave it two months this time!! God where has the year gone too!!?


Tour Through

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