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Friday, 15 July 2011

Weekend Fast Approaches!

The weekend has been taking too long to get here and now today will drag soo much for me! Had my day off today. Which wasn’t planned but with many of the kids in my room having the day off with family, I get to go home and enjoy it also! Which is great!! I love my kids very much so but do love the parents more.. They do enjoy their children so have them more than we do which is how it should be!
Well I have been getting back into my chatting again since it has all changed.

It works like this..
  • Buy Percentage Points and these equal cash at the end of the month.. 1 point = 1 credit/$1
  • 500 lines = 1 credit/$1
  • Payment is via AlertPay at the end of each month
  • Beginning of every month you must be active each day for 10 days to become Eligible for payment.
  • When you click on Detailed Statistics at the top of the World Room chat room, click the adverts on there and click back to return to the stats page again and click another advert… do this a few times a day everyday to help everyone raise the earnings for us to be able to do less lines to earn more.
I have been put off quite a bit but do hope that it works out now that it has been nearly 2 months now. They want to promote it as your ‘Online Job’ which for me, doesn’t really work out too well. The currency being weaker than ££ it means that $1 = £0.60p and that can get me a can of pop!
But I do hope that I can be able to post here to all that they do pay again, it can be a great investment and we can all enjoy chatting together and hopefully be able to earn quite a bit from being online for a few hours a day.


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