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Friday, 10 January 2014

Grown In Life... And Love

Well, it has been a fair few years i do apologize. I seemed to have been so caught up in things recently that I completely forgot to let you all know what has been going on!

Where to start! From the last post I guess.
My Girlfriend's got to hear about the encounter with the Hot Italian Chick and they was shocked but in a nice way! they seemed to enjoy the idea of how intense and spontaneous it was more than who it was with! Phew! Was a tad worried but least they have let me know it is cool either way as long as i am happy..

I am still in the Nursery, now Deputy Manager now.. Since working there for so long, and the last Deputy Manager left after having a child.. was only fitting to see about stepping in!
I work hard and play just as... well, more fun than hard really! But still single. Although, there is one....

His name is Ed, mid 40's and has a couple of kids from ex some yrs ago.. I've know his guy since i was young! moved in few doors down from family home some yrs back! i was only just hitting my teens and he was already dating someone n soon moved out. But I've known him and the family for yrs! But he's started to show up in my Local Haunts. So we got chatting again and it got to the point where we was acting like teenagers that like each other in school! poking and teasing each other. One of my friends pulled me to one side and asked if i liked him, cos he likes me.
"Don't be Daft! I've known him for yrs!! he doesn't like me that much!" as i shrugged her off and went back to finish my drink.

I did notice that first night of seeing him, he was so eager to get me on my own. To the point that if i went to the loo, he was waiting at the door! If i went to find my friends and would be back to him, he would come with me! Holding my hand, caressing my bottom and ensuring I had a drink even when I had one! He is sweet but i am not sure if i am ready to change my life being with a guy. Am too happy right now to spoil it..

I know i seem to have skipped quite a lot but honestly, nothing much else happened to report to you! Living alone is fun, parties, sleep overs, odd guy or 3! but nothing out of the ordinary... that is worth writing about anyway!

Right, think it is time for bed.. well some sleep! I have a few things i need to sort out for Valentines Day.. Keep Posted!

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