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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Getting on with it..

Have been enjoying myself these past few weeks.. Helping a friend out with her new website. Soon to get a T-shirt to wear and help promote it! YAAY will post a piccy of me in it! ;-)

Right you are.. here is the low down to what has been going on..
I haven't heard from ym friend Flower for a long time... thinkshe has not been on for ages and not responding to my emails or messags.. so think that is a lost cause.. :-(

But have met another lovely lady from Amsterdam who has been very lovely!! lol I thing with the fact I had that brief experience before, I'm starting to want to have some fun with a woman... nothing serious as I haven't been with a woman before, but do like the idea of it!

We ahve been enjoying our chts alot and flirting is becoming more and more intense.. at times sending nice pics to eachother.. heehee But soon enough it could get serious and I am getting myself ready for that to come... Doubt it as she is in a different country! But you never know.. Optimistic really!! not always good as you never know if will like it or not..

Well time for bed... have been busy bee this weekend.. Nothing to do!! LOL Night all

Monday, 9 May 2011

Holidays n Such...

It is now May and have missed nearly a month of blogging!!

Life has been very hectic in the past month or so... Holidays, friends staying over and often out most of the time.. ooh... and every so often would dart on and off Ro2 to get my clicks in and some lines.. hee hee!!

Righteo have to go tot work now... and hospital for Phsio... Lovely!! Hope they dont tell me off about my back.. not my fault!!

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