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Friday, 24 December 2010

Been Thinking…

I have mentioned my closest friend on here.. Briefly though it was I have mentioned them.
Kat  - My Bestist friend. I cannot even tell the truth without her wanting to know if I am lying to keep everyone else happy.
Tinker - Is the joker of the pack! If ever I a down … she is the one to call on! Little Tinker!
Strawbs – Is the most sensitive and loving… can be immature, led astray and easily falls in love but is our Darling Strawbs… She is called that cos of how delicate and sweet she is… And she always smells soo yummy!! Smile with tongue out

So, was thinking.. About getting the girls to write their own pages on here saying a little bit about them and that… so then you all can get to know them a bit better and then I know that you know who I am talking about… instead of thinking
“Have I mentioned them before…? You don’t know what they are like do you…? “
hee hee hee hee Although that would mean maybe getting them to write it out tonight… could be a fun activity… drunk and writing about themselves… I think it could be a bit of a no – no really… Kat can get feisty when she is drunk so she would be very rude about herself on here… Surprised smile 

Afternoon Busy!

So… was sent home from work early today… As there was around 8 children in a nursery that can fit 140 kids! Yes, it is THAT big! So everyone has been cracking open the wine they received from the Boss today.. Making sure that we drank it in the Staff Room and not taking it into the rooms where the children were able to reach it.
Not that it would hurt to give them a bit in their milk or juice to help them sleep for a few hours! Hee Hee! I know, I’m mean… but would you blame me if you knew the kind of kids that were left with us today!?? LOL I think NOT!

So got home around 12.40pm and found my laptop had 3 messages. One from Catch 22 and other 2 were from Flower.. She is a sweet lady.. unsure of her intensions but the small flirts when we chat and others are trying to goat more out of it.. is funny really! And for some reason I noticed yesterday…
She was online and we had a light convo about our day, Christmas dashing and what not. And some guy wanted us to get on his cam and play till we was well hot n horney..! Now if he had seen us before on the chat room he would know, that kind of chat is NOT tolerated and he was soon banned indefinately! Sorry… LOSER!!! hee hee hee!!
Anyway, I noticed that after that comment and his quick departure that Flower seemed to get all flirty.. Think that comment stirred her senses up… Surprised smile

And I ended up flirting back… Now I should clarify that I am not gay in anyway! Saying to a woman that she looks hot in that outfit or complimenting their body being better than my own is different! All women do it! But for some reason the convo started to get a little heated. I soon had to tell her to calm down as we could get kicked out for good! And I didn’t want to lose money from a bit of hot flirting… So she asked if she could have my Email address to chat a bit more privately. I was torn weather to give it to her… So I thought there couldn’t be anything to bad about it.. So I gave her my email address that i don’t use much.. And she sent me an invite… I accepted and then made my excuses having to leave the laptop. She said that was cool and would catch me later…

I was unsure but… my nipples were harder than a bag of bricks and had to change my undies… That really got my blood flowing! WOW!!! And never thought of it before….

Could I be finding Flower Sexy…? The chats were very hot! Could I be GAY?? Or just Bi..? Curious more like… So thinking it is best I stay off the laptop tonight… well, that chat room and email really! Got to get ready for tonight anyway! So going to get busy!! DRINKS!!! YAAAAY!! GET your asses over here GIRLS!! XXXX

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Slow Going

Well had my half day at work… Funny really the nursery was pretty quiet!
kids either not going in cos parents rang in or just not turned up! And there are the odd ones who shoved their kids in the door and didn’t look back!
Although we did have quite a few parents who seen how quiet it was and asked where others were… when we explained, they just said that they would either take their child home again or if they could just leave them fro a few hours to get shopping done and pick them up when they were done.

Which was fine by us really! The child was due to be in today, so they are allowed to be there… But you can pick them up in a few hours if you wish. The child would be happy to go home early! And we would be happier to go home earlier too!! HA!
Payday next Friday… New Years Eve…. Strange… I thought it would be earlier as been as it is New Years Eve but a lass.. It is in my bank account as normal! lol Not that I am complaining! I have a half day then as well! So as soon as I get up I’m heading to the shops to get in the drinks for the Get Together! Yes, me and the girls are stopping at mine to see in the New Year… TOP!  Open-mouthed smile
Kat, Tinker and Strawbs are coming over around 8ish and going to be staying over too. Well, we will be drunk so no driving! But need to get in the Munchies and Hangover Cures for New Years Day… LOL

I got home after work today and was REALLY eager to get onto my laptop… Catch 22 would have been Pinging me all day! Well, afternoon as we left some messages for each other earlier…..!
But I got on to find….. SILENCE Nothing there for me to read… or to get excited about! WHAT!??
“We have been chatting for weeks now and one time I actually get excited about getting in to read his message to find….. NOTHING!!” I was not pleased!
Do you think that he has finally gone off me??
Think it has all gone horridly downhill now I started to want to get excited about him…?
Had I done something wrong?
Something I had said…. or NOT said??

Now I am REALLY not doing any good! As soon as I start to show a bit of enthusiasm for someone and I get Crapped on!
Honestly I really need to stop showing emotions for someone, ANYONE before I know for sure that it could work out! But it couldn’t work out.. it is over the internet! Could NEVER work out!! Why should I be getting excited about a computer!?? REALLY should get out more… But eh guys out there are soo not nice to get to know… after one thing and not my type at all!! YUCK!

Maybe I am destined to be Gay then… Women are much better at relationships than me are anyway!

Unsure of that one…. Hee Heeee!!

Busy Chatting… Hee Hee

Right.. have to go work soon so thought I had better write an update.

Have been enjoying myself a bit too much online today! And REALLY don’t want to get off my laptop now.. but Needs Must!


Catch 22 has been showing me more affection lately… Kind of flirty.. and has been getting told off for being a  bit full on really! OOPS!!! lol But I don’t mind too much really. Enjoying it a bit too much right now.. Can’t stop thinking about him and what he has been saying… And my head hurts!!


Have been chatting to others of course… the only way to enjoy yourself online is to chat to everyone possible! Flower is a fun little lady.. 26 years old, busty and slim build… she is Bi Sexual and says she is currently interested in finding a Boyfriend and Girlfriend… Lives in the UK too! Hasn’t told me where exactly but I am not sure about knowing where myself really!


OH dear!! Got to go work!! Sad smile


Will be on after… xx

Well… What a Night!

Had fun with all those messages last night.. Took me forever to get through them all! But was able to get most of them sorted.
So what else happened then…?

I was busy sorting out my laptop clog when Kat came over around 7pm.. We sat in front of the roaring Gas fire and Sipping Hot Choc. Tootsies toasted and insides warmed, she asked why my laptop was forever Pinging. I told her about this chat site I joined a few months ago and her being inquisitive, she asked more about it.

Here it is…

I earn from here and chat to a lot of friends on here! hee hee!! So if you end up joining here… post on here your username so I can say hi to you.. Mine is SaucyReet xx

So Kat had asked me about the site… I shown her the chat site and she looked interested in it. A little TOO interested.
“Who is Catch 22 then..? He seems a nice fella! From all those messages you have there, it looks like he is REALLY into you! “
I blushed and told her it was a guy I have been chatting to quite a bit… The aim of the chat room is to chat to people as much as you can to earn from your lines you type and get to know people a bit better. She rolled her eyes and tutted.

What does she want me to say..? That I am falling in love with this bloke? That we are to marry next week!?? What!??!?
Saying nothing we got back to our chat in front of the fire. Soon got late and she had to go home.. Holiday you know! UGH! Rub it in!! I have to work till Christmas Eve and she booked it off! Well at least I can rub it in when I have my Holiday in New York and she has to stay home… No Passport to come with me and the others… HA!

Right… I have a half day today and an early start tomorrow… half day also. So will be able to get back to sorting out my messages and Catch 22

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sorry… Cleaned Up Now

So Back to this Guy I’ve been chatting with…

His name is Catch 22… On the chat site not his real name… We haven’t got to that stage just yet. And we seem to get on really well.. He enjoys just chatting about all sorts, getting to know what I like, you know, the usual stuff you chat about online… without trying to reveal too much private info!
So we have been chatting a while now and find myself relaxed and free to say pretty much anything to him. Unlike some guys that I have met in my nights out… UGH! Dirty or what!? But we all have to meet people like that really! Shame it seems to happen to one person A LOT of the time!

So back to Catch 22! His picture seems like Brad Pitt crossed with Declan Donnelly and a slice of Angel from Buffy. Dark hair, fair but slightly tanned skin, well structured face with the sweetest smile… and the body..? Well! I don’t need to say much really… You could grate CHEESE off that stomach! Ribbed or what!??! WOW!

I don’t usually think of a very toned body as hot but for some reason the mind of this body is just too tasty! hee hee!
I haven’t been telling anyone about our little chats but some of my friends have been suspicious of why I am so quiet when online.. and soo eager to get home and stay there. Not fancying going out when usually I am the one suggesting a meet up first!

But have been desperate to keep it to myself… As to not end up Jinxing it. ALWAYS end up jinxing it somehow… Whether it is thinking it could work out and it doesn’t, talking to someone about how excited I am about them and finding it not working out, telling the person I like them and them running away! Something ALWAYS jinxes it! And I am not taking any chances… Even fi it is just FUN! Gotta enjoy the fun before you find out it is soon over….. Right!?

Now it is time for me to get food and reply to these messages… think Catch 22 is off right now… Don’t fancy chatting right now… got too much to reply to right now… otherwise he will want to know what I said to the many messages and have no clue what it was he was talking about!!! Dear….

So Here I Am

Well I have to get started!! It is my first time at this so please bear with me… Hee Hee

I’ve been out at work today and never had soo much to do in my life! Being a nursery nurse is hard work.. And can get really busy this time of year.
You would think that being this close to Christmas that parents would want to have their children at home. Their older siblings are off school and enjoying time at home… but little ones have to go to nursery! If it was me.. I would not be amused being at nursery when I could be at home with the rest of the family. But that is what we get..

So have had a lot to do at work… then get home and find quite a lot of messages on my laptop.. I got very excited as I have been chatting to a nice fellow for a few weeks now.. He seems nice and the picture looks genuine. Even if it isn’t a genuine guy, I am having fun and do not care! Well, really I do a bit. But I’m not after anything serious… Not online anyway! hee hee!!

Right I had better go… Need to get changed as Sitting in my work uniform covered in baby sick and talc lol
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