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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

So Here I Am

Well I have to get started!! It is my first time at this so please bear with me… Hee Hee

I’ve been out at work today and never had soo much to do in my life! Being a nursery nurse is hard work.. And can get really busy this time of year.
You would think that being this close to Christmas that parents would want to have their children at home. Their older siblings are off school and enjoying time at home… but little ones have to go to nursery! If it was me.. I would not be amused being at nursery when I could be at home with the rest of the family. But that is what we get..

So have had a lot to do at work… then get home and find quite a lot of messages on my laptop.. I got very excited as I have been chatting to a nice fellow for a few weeks now.. He seems nice and the picture looks genuine. Even if it isn’t a genuine guy, I am having fun and do not care! Well, really I do a bit. But I’m not after anything serious… Not online anyway! hee hee!!

Right I had better go… Need to get changed as Sitting in my work uniform covered in baby sick and talc lol


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