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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sorry… Cleaned Up Now

So Back to this Guy I’ve been chatting with…

His name is Catch 22… On the chat site not his real name… We haven’t got to that stage just yet. And we seem to get on really well.. He enjoys just chatting about all sorts, getting to know what I like, you know, the usual stuff you chat about online… without trying to reveal too much private info!
So we have been chatting a while now and find myself relaxed and free to say pretty much anything to him. Unlike some guys that I have met in my nights out… UGH! Dirty or what!? But we all have to meet people like that really! Shame it seems to happen to one person A LOT of the time!

So back to Catch 22! His picture seems like Brad Pitt crossed with Declan Donnelly and a slice of Angel from Buffy. Dark hair, fair but slightly tanned skin, well structured face with the sweetest smile… and the body..? Well! I don’t need to say much really… You could grate CHEESE off that stomach! Ribbed or what!??! WOW!

I don’t usually think of a very toned body as hot but for some reason the mind of this body is just too tasty! hee hee!
I haven’t been telling anyone about our little chats but some of my friends have been suspicious of why I am so quiet when online.. and soo eager to get home and stay there. Not fancying going out when usually I am the one suggesting a meet up first!

But have been desperate to keep it to myself… As to not end up Jinxing it. ALWAYS end up jinxing it somehow… Whether it is thinking it could work out and it doesn’t, talking to someone about how excited I am about them and finding it not working out, telling the person I like them and them running away! Something ALWAYS jinxes it! And I am not taking any chances… Even fi it is just FUN! Gotta enjoy the fun before you find out it is soon over….. Right!?

Now it is time for me to get food and reply to these messages… think Catch 22 is off right now… Don’t fancy chatting right now… got too much to reply to right now… otherwise he will want to know what I said to the many messages and have no clue what it was he was talking about!!! Dear….


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