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Close To Me

My Bestist friend. I cannot even tell the truth without her wanting to know if I am lying to keep everyone else happy.
This one is the best person to have around when out on the lash... yet also great to be with when wanting quiet time alone.. she really does get things out of you and makes things seem better as soon as she tries to chat with you about your problems..

Is the joker of the pack! If ever I am down … she is the one to call on! Little Tinker!  
Fun loving and care-free. I Love having her over for a quiet party... brings out the wild side of people!! 

Is the most sensitive and loving… can be immature, led astray and easily falls in love but is our Darling Strawbs… She is called that cos of how delicate and sweet she is… And she always smells soo yummy!!

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