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Sunday, 3 April 2011

OMG!!! Sorry.... being too good at being bad!

I have been soo busy with life and such that my blog really has slacked.. Then, Virus!! flaming laptop would freeze up and not let me do anything to try adn fix it.. So I had to ring helpline to get it fixed and they tried all sorts. And then as last reort had to reset everything... EVERYTHING!!

I tried to save as much as I could... but didnt have enough memory cards.. :-( And then remembered AFTER i reset my laptop.. I didn't save any of my links saved on my browser.. oh dear!

so I have had to try and remember everythign all over again.. Luckily, having some sites emailing me i Have them sent to me and I can go to the links and save them again! Oh dear... it has been too much!! 2 years of updates to catch up on as well as uploading all sorts to get my laptop to how it used to be... It is going to take me a while! But I am determined..

I have been on my fave chat room..

Here I have earned quite a bit of cash since joining and recently upgraded for 1 month of premium membership cost me $10.95 and so far have earned over $7 so in a week have practically earned back most of the money back!! With PTC there also and Percentage points boosting my earnings per line typed, I have been earning quite a bit back from doing around 200-300 lines a day.

But since having probelms with Laptop, I have been trying to get on but have been off for a few days... so had to make up lost time... Which has been hard so far with doing constant updates...

And i miss my Flower... :'-( havent chatted mich with her since her message before. Just been scared, pre-occupied and a little worried about what i may get back.. She hasn't messaged me back either but she probably thinks that I am not interested... really don't knwo eachother that well btu do hope she can figure that I will eventually get back to her soon xx
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