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Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Now I am really upset... My day off and find that I cannot get into chat... no idea why but it won't let me in... my profile is still there as I looked me up on the profile viewers.. But it doesnt like me! :-(

Was able to contact the admins on the website and will await their reply... do hope that it isnt just me.. As it maybe that I am banned and without any notice... not nice at all.. i haven't done anything! ggrr... not happy now!

Going to be lazy today.. was going to try and enjoy my day but been having a bad week so far.. and could be getting worse!

Oh god I'm getting off here before I end up screwing things up on here as well!!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Go For It...!

I have just finished work.. Staff meetings at a nurseries can be an experience! Lol!!
So, been thinking about Flower.. I'm going to reply to her message as soon as I get in.. And get a drink.. Maybe a sandwich.. And relax 4a bit.. NO! Get in an go straight to my laptop and get it sent!
God! My tummy is trying to break out frm my abdomin!
Proper nervous now!

Still Putting It Off..

Have not been able to bring myself to send a message back to Flower.

What do I say? Shall I take a chance? Do I leave it to just online friendship?
Now am just an arse! I will do it! Just say what is needed to be said!


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sent It

I have sent a message to Flower... And waited for a reply... few hours past and nothing. So just carried on with chores around the internet.. Being away fro a while I do have a few bits to do..!

So just as I was looking back on my messages and I find one from... guess who?

"Hello my luvv..
I have been getting myself sorted out, knowing that you would be a bit busy with your life, I wanted to get straight. Ex gf has been wanting me back. I am really not wanting that again.. Love is just not there anymore.. And I am now truely over her. 
I haven't heard from her in a few days and now finally enjoying mingle life, I have still had you in my mind. Really odd but you truely are a great person to know and would love to meet you to get to know you more as a person than through the internet.. hee hee!! 
Nothing like finding a new great friend!! xx"

So right now.... I am sat here writing this and not sure what to say back to her... I know she feels the same I have been... hence the cool off. But I don't want to find out that i don't say or do anything and lose potentially a great friend if nothing more than that!

Oh dear... What do I do..? All this thinking is making my tummy turn.. Really do need to go to sleep.. doubt I will get much tonight!


So, Have been away for a while, family problems. But Hopefully all sorted now and had to give my blog a new look...
What do you think?? I do have to say, it looks hottt!!

Right down to business... My chats with Flower have been non-exsistant right now, with family problems I haven't really been online much. Just checking emails and then off again more than anything else. But she hasn't really left my thoughts...

I believe that she is letting me get things sorted my end and maybe she is doing the same her end... Would be nice so then 'if' we were to meet then it would be properly. Not with baggage or mixed feelings etc. Well I hope for that...
Right now, I feel like ive got the whole world on my shoulders and dragging the world's baggage with me!

So apart from that, Things have been great! Few weeks ago I had a lookie into a competition on Forum Club. Which sounds like fun... Join the forum, Go to the competition Discussion and follow instructions to win CASH!!! EASY!! Making money online is not easy as many think you know.. So maybe if we all have some fun doing it, we can all win eventually!

Am currently thinking as been as I am on here, I might as well send Flower a message just saying hi.

Will she say hi back?
Will she tell me to go away?
What will she say?
Would she want to carry on the friendship?
Will she want it to go further?
Will she want to leave it as it is?

Now I am getting ahead of myslef here now... But with things going on and not hearing anything or evan saying anything to her... What do you expect??

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