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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Well… What a Night!

Had fun with all those messages last night.. Took me forever to get through them all! But was able to get most of them sorted.
So what else happened then…?

I was busy sorting out my laptop clog when Kat came over around 7pm.. We sat in front of the roaring Gas fire and Sipping Hot Choc. Tootsies toasted and insides warmed, she asked why my laptop was forever Pinging. I told her about this chat site I joined a few months ago and her being inquisitive, she asked more about it.

Here it is…

I earn from here and chat to a lot of friends on here! hee hee!! So if you end up joining here… post on here your username so I can say hi to you.. Mine is SaucyReet xx

So Kat had asked me about the site… I shown her the chat site and she looked interested in it. A little TOO interested.
“Who is Catch 22 then..? He seems a nice fella! From all those messages you have there, it looks like he is REALLY into you! “
I blushed and told her it was a guy I have been chatting to quite a bit… The aim of the chat room is to chat to people as much as you can to earn from your lines you type and get to know people a bit better. She rolled her eyes and tutted.

What does she want me to say..? That I am falling in love with this bloke? That we are to marry next week!?? What!??!?
Saying nothing we got back to our chat in front of the fire. Soon got late and she had to go home.. Holiday you know! UGH! Rub it in!! I have to work till Christmas Eve and she booked it off! Well at least I can rub it in when I have my Holiday in New York and she has to stay home… No Passport to come with me and the others… HA!

Right… I have a half day today and an early start tomorrow… half day also. So will be able to get back to sorting out my messages and Catch 22


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