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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Busy Chatting… Hee Hee

Right.. have to go work soon so thought I had better write an update.

Have been enjoying myself a bit too much online today! And REALLY don’t want to get off my laptop now.. but Needs Must!


Catch 22 has been showing me more affection lately… Kind of flirty.. and has been getting told off for being a  bit full on really! OOPS!!! lol But I don’t mind too much really. Enjoying it a bit too much right now.. Can’t stop thinking about him and what he has been saying… And my head hurts!!


Have been chatting to others of course… the only way to enjoy yourself online is to chat to everyone possible! Flower is a fun little lady.. 26 years old, busty and slim build… she is Bi Sexual and says she is currently interested in finding a Boyfriend and Girlfriend… Lives in the UK too! Hasn’t told me where exactly but I am not sure about knowing where myself really!


OH dear!! Got to go work!! Sad smile


Will be on after… xx


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