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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Slow Going

Well had my half day at work… Funny really the nursery was pretty quiet!
kids either not going in cos parents rang in or just not turned up! And there are the odd ones who shoved their kids in the door and didn’t look back!
Although we did have quite a few parents who seen how quiet it was and asked where others were… when we explained, they just said that they would either take their child home again or if they could just leave them fro a few hours to get shopping done and pick them up when they were done.

Which was fine by us really! The child was due to be in today, so they are allowed to be there… But you can pick them up in a few hours if you wish. The child would be happy to go home early! And we would be happier to go home earlier too!! HA!
Payday next Friday… New Years Eve…. Strange… I thought it would be earlier as been as it is New Years Eve but a lass.. It is in my bank account as normal! lol Not that I am complaining! I have a half day then as well! So as soon as I get up I’m heading to the shops to get in the drinks for the Get Together! Yes, me and the girls are stopping at mine to see in the New Year… TOP!  Open-mouthed smile
Kat, Tinker and Strawbs are coming over around 8ish and going to be staying over too. Well, we will be drunk so no driving! But need to get in the Munchies and Hangover Cures for New Years Day… LOL

I got home after work today and was REALLY eager to get onto my laptop… Catch 22 would have been Pinging me all day! Well, afternoon as we left some messages for each other earlier…..!
But I got on to find….. SILENCE Nothing there for me to read… or to get excited about! WHAT!??
“We have been chatting for weeks now and one time I actually get excited about getting in to read his message to find….. NOTHING!!” I was not pleased!
Do you think that he has finally gone off me??
Think it has all gone horridly downhill now I started to want to get excited about him…?
Had I done something wrong?
Something I had said…. or NOT said??

Now I am REALLY not doing any good! As soon as I start to show a bit of enthusiasm for someone and I get Crapped on!
Honestly I really need to stop showing emotions for someone, ANYONE before I know for sure that it could work out! But it couldn’t work out.. it is over the internet! Could NEVER work out!! Why should I be getting excited about a computer!?? REALLY should get out more… But eh guys out there are soo not nice to get to know… after one thing and not my type at all!! YUCK!

Maybe I am destined to be Gay then… Women are much better at relationships than me are anyway!

Unsure of that one…. Hee Heeee!!


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