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Friday, 24 December 2010

Afternoon Busy!

So… was sent home from work early today… As there was around 8 children in a nursery that can fit 140 kids! Yes, it is THAT big! So everyone has been cracking open the wine they received from the Boss today.. Making sure that we drank it in the Staff Room and not taking it into the rooms where the children were able to reach it.
Not that it would hurt to give them a bit in their milk or juice to help them sleep for a few hours! Hee Hee! I know, I’m mean… but would you blame me if you knew the kind of kids that were left with us today!?? LOL I think NOT!

So got home around 12.40pm and found my laptop had 3 messages. One from Catch 22 and other 2 were from Flower.. She is a sweet lady.. unsure of her intensions but the small flirts when we chat and others are trying to goat more out of it.. is funny really! And for some reason I noticed yesterday…
She was online and we had a light convo about our day, Christmas dashing and what not. And some guy wanted us to get on his cam and play till we was well hot n horney..! Now if he had seen us before on the chat room he would know, that kind of chat is NOT tolerated and he was soon banned indefinately! Sorry… LOSER!!! hee hee hee!!
Anyway, I noticed that after that comment and his quick departure that Flower seemed to get all flirty.. Think that comment stirred her senses up… Surprised smile

And I ended up flirting back… Now I should clarify that I am not gay in anyway! Saying to a woman that she looks hot in that outfit or complimenting their body being better than my own is different! All women do it! But for some reason the convo started to get a little heated. I soon had to tell her to calm down as we could get kicked out for good! And I didn’t want to lose money from a bit of hot flirting… So she asked if she could have my Email address to chat a bit more privately. I was torn weather to give it to her… So I thought there couldn’t be anything to bad about it.. So I gave her my email address that i don’t use much.. And she sent me an invite… I accepted and then made my excuses having to leave the laptop. She said that was cool and would catch me later…

I was unsure but… my nipples were harder than a bag of bricks and had to change my undies… That really got my blood flowing! WOW!!! And never thought of it before….

Could I be finding Flower Sexy…? The chats were very hot! Could I be GAY?? Or just Bi..? Curious more like… So thinking it is best I stay off the laptop tonight… well, that chat room and email really! Got to get ready for tonight anyway! So going to get busy!! DRINKS!!! YAAAAY!! GET your asses over here GIRLS!! XXXX


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