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Friday, 24 December 2010

Been Thinking…

I have mentioned my closest friend on here.. Briefly though it was I have mentioned them.
Kat  - My Bestist friend. I cannot even tell the truth without her wanting to know if I am lying to keep everyone else happy.
Tinker - Is the joker of the pack! If ever I a down … she is the one to call on! Little Tinker!
Strawbs – Is the most sensitive and loving… can be immature, led astray and easily falls in love but is our Darling Strawbs… She is called that cos of how delicate and sweet she is… And she always smells soo yummy!! Smile with tongue out

So, was thinking.. About getting the girls to write their own pages on here saying a little bit about them and that… so then you all can get to know them a bit better and then I know that you know who I am talking about… instead of thinking
“Have I mentioned them before…? You don’t know what they are like do you…? “
hee hee hee hee Although that would mean maybe getting them to write it out tonight… could be a fun activity… drunk and writing about themselves… I think it could be a bit of a no – no really… Kat can get feisty when she is drunk so she would be very rude about herself on here… Surprised smile 


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