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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Slipped Up After It Going SOO Well!

What can I say…? I’ve found something to be doing and forgot all about updating you guys!! Sad smile But now I am back for however long to let you all know the in’s and out’s of my week so far..
Weekend was fun. Had a get together with my buds n few stragglers for a movie, munch n downer… Don’t worry I don’t mean we were together to get depressed! Nope.. We can do that on our own… Get together to try and have some fun! Someone brought a pirate version of Bridesmaids over to watch.. That is awesome!! It feels and looks like a chick flick but really it can appeal to all to be fair. I’m not one for flicky kinda movies but i was in tears watching this! Even if the quality wasn’t as great as would have liked. Pirate! heehee
Monday – Have been at work as usual and wished I had stayed in bed..! Felt like it was going on FOREVER!! I mean, honestly how long can an 8 hour shift take really!? 8 hours..? NAH!! More like 24!!! It really felt like Monday was THE lonnnngest day of my life…… So as soon as I got home it felt like I hadn’t been home for a few weeks! My bed was sooo calling me.. Got in n vegged out in front of the TV. That was great but before I knew it, it was nearly midnight! So turned off n dosed of.. Eventually!
Tuesday – Well another average day to be fair. Which I was glad about really I was. got home from work, chatted quite a bit with few people online and got some bits done as well. Oh, have been reading up on something my friend has been updating on Saucy Undies Fan Page that there is new items on offer now.. and if you add the most friends to the Group by the end of today then you could win a yummy prize!!! Something I believe I may want myself!!! LOL
Today – Well eventually got on here!! LOL Got half day today so no work this morning but this afternoon will be in 1 – 6pm unless there are some parents whoa re running late… always the case! some are more prone to stopping than others.. Habit more than anything else. I do not understand why parents bring their children in from 7.30am and leave them in till way after 6pm knowing the times of the nursery being open.. We have to get overtime for them being late and it being on  purpose.
Well do think it is time to get on with a few things now.. chat soon


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