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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Dull n Rainy Day..

Hey… 3 Days in a row… God I REALLY am feeling poorly!

Today is my day off from work.. and loving the fact that i am! Cos it is horrid outside with stormy weather after the lovely heat and humidity last week or so. Well that just means that the air is electric and will have lovely Lightening tonight.. Do love a great storm in the evening! And to clear the sticky air too.. love it!

Well, today i have been getting a few things done around the house.. Clothes washed and dried and put away, tidy up few things and even got few bits done online too! Emails mainly to reply to and messages on some of my profiles.. Well a woman has to get things done while she is in the mood.. as once the mood changes, that is it! Nothing will get done..


Ugh…. now my mood has suddenly changed for the worse… poxy horrid rain in the day spoils anything really! But do prefer it in the evening so can soothe me in the evenings and the show is always epic!!

Well, think I had best get something to eat now… hhmm healthy..? or Unhealthy…?!? Decisions.. lmao!!


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