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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Second Day In A Row!

OMG!!! Must be feeling ill or something.. I’m back here again second night in a row! heehee!!

So tonight I have had my Bestie Kat and she is having a few problems with her other half.. Men!! I do hate seeing her so low about anything.. and with how things have been going, doesn’t give me much hope for the outlook being bright.

But we have been chatting and I have been trying to reassure her that things could still be ok.. Really tried to sound more convincing than I might do on here… Although, yeah you guessed it. Not really holding my breath.. She has been through this 2wice before and it happened to be something HIS end! Typical really.. Why is it men happen to be taking on the Woman’s role and becomes more and more emotional and mind screwy!?? Really not on!!

Really have been a bit down tonight now have had that chat with Kat. Do hope that she eventually sees sense ad leave him for good and stop putting up with the shit she gets from him!

Right.. Really want to write more but mind is a blanc right now.. So off to sort few bits out and bed… eventually! Night..


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