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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sorry To Say…

I have found something to be occupying my time recently and really have slacked on here..

Life eh..? Sucks to be fair!!

Well how to go about it now then… Shall we start from the top?

Well right now I am working still at nursery.. Don’t think could ever give that up really as I love children but not ready to have my own. So looking after someone else’s and giving them back at the end is great! Open-mouthed smile 

Flower.. Distant memory to be fair… she was sorting herself out but never got back to me about us… if there ever could have been anything there anyway! So just haven’t bothered her about it really.. and not a peeps out of her!

Lovely Lady from Amsterdam well there is something fun there..! We chat on a PM app on mobile and can use internet access to chat to each other. We have been having quite a bit of fun recently and she has been getting more and more adventurous with her camera..!

Winking smile have been eagerly enjoying my phone going off really.. And knowing it has been getting very hot literally melts my phone in my hand at times!! OOH yes it has been very hot indeed!!

And with her being in a different country I feel comfy to experiment more and she enjoys the eager flirt or more lol!!

I’ve bee helping my friend with her site… now has 2! lol

TopGadge Womans Top Front n Back

So here is something I’ve been helping with.. I’m quite fancying buying it myself!! heehee!! Looks good to be fair. Click the pic to check out other things that are sold on the new site.. Smellies and toys for the Ultimate Big Kid!


Well, will try and not leave it two months this time!! God where has the year gone too!!?


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