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Friday, 15 July 2011

Up Tonight/Today….

Well it is now Saturday and ended up staying up watching TV for a few hours and a Nice Cold One beside me. Stand up mainly.. Which is great for when you are being a boring Git and stopping in enjoying a quiet one.
So here I am thinking about what I want to write on here.. lol Got fiddling with fonts this evening and found quite a few I liked. Thought I’d have a lookie at what they were like on a blog.. Do hope it looks ok. If you can’t read it let me know will try a different one!! is where I got some of the fonts from.. really cool stuff there really. And free! lol Always the best..

I wonder what I will do when I wake later on..? Hmm.. Tidy house? enjoy weather if we have any nice weather to enjoy!? Dunno….


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