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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Party Mood!!

So love having the house to myself… No Flatmates, No Family, No Friends over..just me! So got scrubbed n cleaned house up a bit.. Now on here with old skool tunes on Music channels! Soo want to get a drink n Get ready to go out! But, haven’t planned to go out tonight and don’t know if anyone is out..
checking another font out.. this one is called Lesser Concern which is really small on normal size 12 but I’ve got it up to 18 and it looks quite cool really! Think will stick to this one as it suits my blog don’t you think?!
So, back to going out.. Well thinking of going out even if no-one is out tonight as really getting in the mood with all these old skool tunage on TV. Insomnia u=is on right now and before that was classic Gold Dust DJ Fresh. such a best beat to get you going during the dull and wet day….
Do you think that 3.15pm is too early for a little tipple..?


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