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Monday, 18 July 2011

Such A Great Weekend

Have really been relaxed and chilled this weekend and it has been sheer bliss! Do wonder why it happened but it did and soo glad it did really! But got into work this morning with the biggest smile on my face and a skip in my step that nothing could ruin my day… not even being lumbered with the naughty children or the day. they all behaved themselves and enjoyed their day with me! Was great!!!
Even the boss ( who is usually always grumpy!) was with a smile on her face.. after a nice chat with me of course! LOL Which was great for the others as they ended up enjoying today as well with everyone in a good mood it rubbed off on everyone!
Got home and ended up getting myself food from the chippy, sat in front of the laptop and found an email from Flower… which kind of wiped the smile off my face. The email was titled ‘Thinking of you…’ Which made my skin go all goosepimply and a shudder over my body. I really didn’t know what to do really.. I sat there in front of my laptop with my emails open and staring at the message flashing at me saying New Message!
Shall I open it?! Delete it and forget all about it and her..? But what has she said..? Why is she back after this long from leaving me a while ago..? Well there is only one way to sort this out..
“ Hello there my darling,
I have been sorting things out and finally have got things sorted out.. No more ex after me now, she has moved away and says she doesn’t want to hear from me again.. she was the one calling me! Sad smile But now she has gone I have finally stopped thinking about you.. Only because I am finally writing to you.
So how have you been doing? What has gone on? Things your end going well? Do hope that things between us haven’t died. I do enjoy your company.. Even if it has been over the internet.. Has been too quiet.
Well, I bet you are wondering.. Why I have got back in contact again. There is one easy answer really… I wish to be able to pick up from where we left it before. If that is how you feel also.. God i bet that your mind is wondering what to do right now.
I do hope that you will at least say hi to me.. if not and I don’t hear back from you then I totally accept it and will not get in contact again.. Do hope that you do though x

So……… What do I say!??


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