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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Totally Spaced

Today has been a very weird day.. Have been to work, got home, eaten, washed and even got in front of the TV and got all my soaps watched. And I can’t remember doing any of it! I have no idea what I have done today or how I done any of it but it got done and now I’m here typing this out to you..
I’ve been not thinking about the one thing I don’t want to think about.. yet think that was why everything else was getting done and don’t remember doing any of it.. Cos I was thinking of it.
So…… Really do need to get something done about it but think that talking about it might help a bit. But who to talk to..? No-one knows about it really.. well not my friends or family.. only you lot on here know about it! So maybe here you can help me out with it.

I have no idea what to do or say or think really…. Mind just does not compute and it is giving me a headache.. I’m curious about what is going on.. and about her in particular but really do I fancy having a go with her being so far away from me..? I can’t even remember where she was from now it has been that long ago.. think I mentioned it here somewhere but will have to trawl through all my posts.. lol
I have been quite randy lately and it has been getting to the point that dreams have been the sort you wake from and really wished you hadn’t!! Yet finding that tingling feeling that won’t go without intervention… I won’t get into anything more really heehee!! And so since the message from Flower, I haven’t or remember what I dreamt of last night.. and so have been in a bit of a spaced out, weird place right now..
So…! What shall I do..??


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