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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Time Out - X Rated!

Well have been taking time out. I know, have been on and off here for some time now! But can you blame me..? Got so much going on that even I have to take time out!

So have been on holiday with the girls! And it was fun!! For the most part. they all ended up either flirting madly with the flirty italian guys or getting off with them. I was soo no interested. Mean REALLY not interested! One night out they were all over some guys and I just wondered off for a bit.. Down the bustling street to some bar down a quiet side road. Curious as to what was there I popped my head in to find all women sat in there.. Soft music, Low, candle light and smell of perfume and sweat in the air.

Made my way to the bar, looking around at the place. Not too big yet not tiny either.. finally felt at home there! Wierd really.. Ordered a small drink and sipped slowly at the cool glass. Someone come up next to me and ordered a drink, i looked up to find them looking me up and down. sussing me out I presume.
"New here?" she said.
I responded telling her I was on holiday with friends but they were busy with a bunch of guys so wasn't interested. She smiled and had a little chuckle.
"So you left them to come to a Gay Bar..?" Giving a wink to me and slight poke of her tongue on her top lip.
A GAY BAR!?? woah....! Never been before and had no idea it was! thought it could have been a quiet place that men didnt liek to go due to it being that.. quiet! I stutttered as I tried to say I had no idea..
"No worries! Can sniff 'Straight' a mile off! I'm Bianca, Lovely to meet you in here!"

We chatted at the bar and had quite a bit of a giggle of me finding this place and how I felt at home.. lol

Soon it started to get a bit too late ot be hanging around there as my friends would be wondering where I had gone... Or not been bothered! So Bianca fancied a walk and we headed out of the bar. Walking past the place I had left them before, there was no sign of them.. So as been as the night was still 'young' I mentioned a club I wanted to try out. Bianca told me that it wasn't that good and suggested a great place she goes all the time. Finding this club wasn't that hard really and it really was a great place! She said that it wasn't 'gay' but many do go there. Which in a way was fine really. It wouldn't have bothered me that much to be fair as I'm comfy with anyone who prefers anyone.. heehee!!

Hot, Sweaty, Heavy Breathing, Happy Panting, Drink Going Down - Really was the best... And yet I found myself staring at her as she was dancing and her Shirt was undone. Bright red bra on with swaet dripping down her chest. Brests perked up and nipples showing through.. I just couldnt help myself.. we stared at each other as we were moving together, closer and the sweat running over us. i caressed her hips and she ran her hands over my chest..

WOW it was that intense! MY very first encounter with a woman and it was with a hot italian chick!

She took me by the hand and dragged me to the ladies.. Guessing what was coming next I became soo wet and horny! She threw me into the cubicle and slammed the door behind her. I pinned her to the wall and sparks flew! Hot, passionate, heavy kisses felt more like fireworks yet at the same time soft and gentle. I soon pulled her bra straps down and gently nibbled on her nipples. I could feel her hand moving down her body and into her wet undies. She couldn't wait any longer.. I pulled my head back up she pushed me to the toilet and knelt down in front of me. undone my trousers and slowly let them drop to the floor. As I stood there eager for the outcome, I stared to drip ever more. She placed one of my legs up on the toilet seat so i was fully open to her and she buried her head into me. PHEW... It's getting hot in here!

Well, Soon after, I told her that it was my first time.. She could tell yet was a little suprised at how relaxed at it I was. Phone numbers were swapped and we parted ways.. I hadn't contacted her since then. Nothing was mentioned to my friends either as have no idea how they would react.. Not that they would be disgusted! But witht eh fact I was being goody two shoes the whole holiday, would have been shocked at what had happened.. lmao!

So, Wonder what to do now..?


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