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Sunday, 4 September 2011


So, I have been busy over the past few hours.. Thinking and finally getting on with it. Flower...

Yes, Emailed her back after a few months of debating and getting away from it all.. For someone who doesn't have any REAL drama in life. I really do know how to make something out of nothing! So emailed her back saying that things for me were different now.. I am now officially Bi and had met someone on holiday. But have missed her and our chats. Really was a great friend.
Don't think that would go down too well with her but to be fair, we couldn't have any kind of relationship with her being overseas. The only thing that could happen is me having a holiday over there and same for her over here! What kind of relationship is that then?? Like visiting Family. But sleeping together and NOT being related. Shame really as things could have been quite nice between us. Never would have worked!

Honestly with me not knowing if I even liked women let alone had been with one.. how was I to know let alone her..? Now my head is waffling and so is my blog.. ugh

Thought more about Bianca - WOW! All I can say to that really.. heehee! Do think that has definately made me more comfy being with women more now. So now onto telling my girls..! Oh goodness how are they going to take it!? Never crossed our thoughts about lesbians or gays before.. not even in conversations!! Wierd really. We talk about practically everything! But thinking about it, 'That' conversation never has come up.

Well being friends with them for many years, I'm sure they will accept it, me. Hope!


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