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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Blog Denial

Have been denying this blog lately... And it very Wrong of me! Sorry all who read this!

Since my last blog which was ... WOW.. that long ago!?? Well...

Myself and Flower have cooled things down since our playing online... It was getting a bit too full on for my liking, she was starting to enjoy it as much as I was, but it really was too quick since she split from her ex gf... we both didn't want to find out that we started to fall for eachothe then find it wouldn't work out. So haven't chatted properly for a while now. Odd message or 2 but really has cooled off.
I had a look at something my friend was working on and wondered about opening my very own lil website..
TopGadge and Blog
Have a look and see what you think about the website, blog and such... Please follow and soon you will gain knowledge and updates on savoings, deals, discount codes and more!
As soon as I get to grips with the main supplier and maybe gain some customers... I will see about adding new items... Unsure what yet but when I have a look will soon let you know!

So hoping to soon gain some traffic for my website and maybe customers and loyal followers of the blog also. Ugh... feeling wuite off now for some reason... No idea why. sat here typing this out and my tummy feels like I've eaten something bad.. But haven't eaten in around 4hours... well, Think it is telling em I need to go to sleep... it is WAY past my bed time!!


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