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Sunday, 13 February 2011

2nd Day In a Row!

_So have made it 2 days in a row of blogging!! YAAAAY!! Well...

I have been up wince 9am and got straight onto my website! LOL sorry but just really want to find that it makes something for me! That isn't selfish... is it!?
Really excited about it also, friend has her website and she seems to know what she is doing! So right now have been getting experience from her... So hoping it will help with my site too!! she says she hasn't made much from it but, it is early days so have to be patient.. I HATE THAT!!!

Still can't stop thinking about Flower... she really is the best thing to have bloomed from the chat room. Most fun I've ever had for a looong time! And missing it soo much!
Wonder if she feels the same. Like a limb has been cut off and just want to stick it back on to feel whol again....

What am I talking about!??! Sound Like I've just lost my true love! EEEEKK!!! I have never been with a woman before so NO idea is would enjoy it... let alone being in a relationship with a woman! But it really feels like I have lost the one love of my life! God shoot me now!!


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