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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Too much to do!! AAAARGHHHH!!!

I have been off from here for far too long! And now have too much to get on with on here and other things……..
Confused smile

So, What to do… Well, will fill in the gaps for the last goodness knows how long!
Flower and myself have been getting on really well… Too well! And we have finally arranged to meet up! YAAY!! wellll…
I would love to meet her! But… I am afraid that I will start to actually want something more from the friendship… If the friendship doesn’t go any further anyway Winking smile  Which wouldn’t be a bad idea really! But… being my first time and finding that she recently split from her former GF, Wouldn’t fancy being her rebound. Or find that I really do like her and she was after fun!
Dilemma!!! I just seem to read too much into things when All I want is to have fun and not get hurt doing it… Right, off to do more STUFF!! bye for now…

Flying visit! HEE HEEE!!


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