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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Working It Out!

So for the past how many days now… I have been trying to work out more.. Feel like I’m getting a bit of a podge on me! LOL
Flower CERTAINLY doesn’t think so! Surprised smile But she wouldn’t think that as been as she is fixated with my chest and hips most of the time the web cam is on! Hee Hee!! Don’t blame her… I cant keep my eyes off her perked, plump, juicy loving lumps.. Now I just want to drool!
Well the past few days have been quite boring… Great dreams, Latest of Late nights, Too early earlies, restless yet rested… Very Odd really. Last time I felt like this was when I met…… Confused smile

Oh.. NO!!! sorry I should explain.
This feeling I am experiencing right now… I was exactly the same when I met a ‘former’ boyfriend few years back.. He also broke my heart as well! We were… well, I, was so in love back then, and went through the same things as I am now.. But I can’t be falling in love! I have never been with a woman, and she is the first I have ever wanted in that way before! So why am I feeling soo……
Loved UP!??

All I can say is.. Thank – God for my blog! I hadn’t even thought properly about it till just now… think writing it all down and actually seeing it all laid out really makes you read your life properly and maybe even take proper actions to sort something out, E.G. This Falling In Love! YIKES!!!!!!
Still hot though!!


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