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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Found a Great Place!

I have found a great little site from a Friend to advertise her website.
Create your own banner at!

Copy this code to your website to display this banner!

I do like the way that my friend was able to make her very own banner from this site. And the girl I thought was HOT!! hee hee!!!

Sorry to say but my chats with Flower have been very rude as time has gone on! We have been on cam a few times now and have had Winking smile as well! Surprised smile I know but she is soo hot!! And she wants to meet up! Now all I can say is… well, YES! Was in the heat of the moment really.. And with that and then asking for me to do untold things to myself… How could I resist!? She also had seen on my profile a picture what was linked to affiliate system on that same website as the banner… Where I earn from someone clicking the picture linked, making a purchase and I earn 10% commissions! EASY!! Also have been given a unique code to give to friends to save as well. See what you can get from being friends with someone who owns their own Lingerie/Adult Toy shop. Anyway, wondering!
Flower seen the picture and i told her about it.. so she had a look and liked some of the toys that were on offer… and that just seemed to get her hot all over again! WOW she can get going by just looking at a woman! Let alone thinking about one! LOL

That just started me off as well…. So have a guess what might have gone on..? Catch22 Popped up on Ro2 and started to try and PM me! REALLY should have logged off that! So a guy ends up spoiling things as usual!
So told Flower to hang on for a few mins as going to get rid of him and get off the site.
He was trying to apologise for not chatting as much as before, he had some issues at home to deal with… well I thought I was one of those issues but obviously NOT! So told him I was meeting someone else and wasn’t interested in him anymore… That it was true love at first sight! Well, the true love at first sight wasn’t exactly true… but it was to fob him off! If I was to say it was a woman, it would only make him want to hound me more and join in! So wasn’t having that!

So he was gutted and soon left me. So closed the site down and got back to Flower! By this time we were both not in the mood as a guy ruined it! MEN!!! Always there to ruin the mood! LOL Now I really do sound like a Lesbian! hee hee!!!
So we just chatted afterwards.. She was still hung up on her Ex GF.. Now she had broke up with her a few days ago and was wanting to just have some fun! And it happen to be with me of all people! A virgin! LOL But it is fun and totally up for that! Just trying to say the right things and be there is all I can do really… I just don’t want to find out that I end up falling for her and she falls fro me as a Rebound.. not a great way to start a relationship really! hee hee

Smiling she just thanks me fro the support and doesn’t want to me to be a rebound as she really likes me.. Now I start to peddle backwards! I just say that I can be a rebound if she wishes… cos we wasn’t getting into a relationship… being my first time and all I wouldn’t fancy being with her and finding myself going with guys as well! Bi Sexual is one thing but being in a lesbian relationship but still after cock is not a nice feeling to be worrying about!

She just laughed at me and we said our good byes. So thought of better getting on here and updating my blog.. It has been a few days and have been meaning to get on here but really been enjoying myself to even be bothered to write anything! Sorry fro that! But now you have got the low down on what has been going on…

Fun or what!?


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