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Friday, 7 January 2011

Weekend YAAAY!!

So now it is the weekend! And I have been getting on REALLY well with Flower… Catch22 has been on n off this week but really..? Not interested to be honest. Do think it is cos he is just sooo boring! LOL Asking me the same things over and over..
“What have you done today?”
“What are your plans today?”
“Fancy a chat privately with cam?”
Ugh!! Talk about sounding a little ‘desperate’! hee hee!

So now have been chatting with Flower now for a long while now… and very much enjoying it! We chat on Ro2 a lot.. very into that right now… and we are both earning quite a bit from there now Open-mouthed smile  So have been really fun to get to know her! The gf she is struggling with… i have been trying to not give advice about it… un-biased about the situation.. So she ended it with her a few days ago… and now ex is accusing her of another woman! Not good at all.. Feel it is ME!! AHH!!
But now have made our very own toolbar so we can leave messages to each other and we can see if we are online instead of being on a certain site… if we wished to send secret messages we can do via our browser and still be on Ro2 earning.. Hee Hee
Have you tried my toolbar?
So if you fancy chatting as well… have a look..! free and safe to use.. lol Might even gain updates of my blog here!


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